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  1. Prediction and characterization of human promoters ‎(2 revisions)
  2. Reactivity Models In Nanostructures As Limiting Materials For Amperometric Sensors In Planar Ceramic Technology ‎(2 revisions)
  3. Structural And Electronic Properties Of Liquid Semiconductors From First Principles ‎(2 revisions)
  4. Study of the adsorption and reactivity of biomass-derived compounds on metallic surfaces in an aqueous environment: Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics studies on the structure of thick water layers. (1st. period) ‎(2 revisions)
  5. Computational Study Of The Molecular Basis Of Allosteric Mechanisms And Its Conservation Amongst Species ‎(2 revisions)
  6. Heisenberg Spin Glasses: Large Lattices At Low Temperatures ‎(2 revisions)
  7. Ligand Exchange Mechanisms In Chemical Systems Of Pharmacological Interest ‎(2 revisions)
  8. Dynamic structure factor of Bulk Metallic Glasses determined by Molecular Dynamics simulation ‎(2 revisions)
  9. Searching selective catalysts for a phosgene-free synthesis of aromatic polyuretanes ‎(2 revisions)
  10. The stability of Metal Organic Framework structures under water: an ab initio molecular dynamics study (1st. period) ‎(2 revisions)
  11. Enzyme Catalysis And Design Of Inhibitors: Helicobacter Pylori Glutamate Racemase Enzyme ‎(2 revisions)
  12. Turbulent bubble suspensions in microgravity (Test Activity) ‎(2 revisions)
  13. Exploring The Mechanism Of Truncated Hemoglobin N By Simulations Of Mutanted Forms ‎(2 revisions)
  14. Black-holes in non-assymptotically flat spacetimes ‎(2 revisions)
  15. Multiscale dynamics in complex fluids: self assembly, instabilities and molecular specificity ‎(2 revisions)
  16. First-principles simulations of metal oxide surface chemistry and defects aided by scanning probe microscopies ‎(2 revisions)
  17. Summary of major Objectives for 2013 ‎(2 revisions)
  18. 3.5 Electronic and Atomic Protein Modeling Laboratory ‎(2 revisions)
  19. Direct Numerical Simulation of stabilised jet flames. ‎(2 revisions)
  20. 6.3 Defining the Interactome ‎(2 revisions)
  21. The MICE project -2. Volume and mass resolution effects on small-scale dark matter clustering ‎(2 revisions)
  22. Anomalous Thermodynamic Behaviour of Calcium Fluoride Under Pressure: Superionic versus Liquid Atomic Diffusion ‎(2 revisions)
  23. Flavour physics from mixed-action lattice QCD ‎(2 revisions)
  24. Computational Design Of New Catalysts Based On Nanoparticles ‎(2 revisions)
  25. 1,3-dipolar cycloaddition of azomethine ylide to graphene sheets ‎(2 revisions)
  26. De novo design of enzymes ‎(2 revisions)
  27. Prediction of drug affinity/specificity ‎(2 revisions)
  28. Diversity and evolution of marine microbial communities investigated using high throughput DNA sequencing technologies (metagenomics, genomics & phylogenomics) ‎(2 revisions)
  29. The Shilov Reaction: Alkane C-H Activation In Aqueous Solution ‎(2 revisions)
  30. Market efficiency and accounting data ‎(2 revisions)
  31. First-principles Calculations Of Ferroelectric And Magnetoelectric Effects In Perovskite Oxides ‎(2 revisions)
  32. Non-collinear Magnetism At Surfaces Driven By Spin-orbit Coupling ‎(2 revisions)
  33. Further insight into the ligand binding in the active site of human and yeast dipeptidyl-peptidase III ‎(2 revisions)
  34. 4.2 Drug Design ‎(2 revisions)
  35. Development of novel treatments for myotonic dystrophy: in vivo drug discovery ‎(2 revisions)
  36. Molecular Dynamics Simulation Of The Folding/Unfolding Mechanism Of Apoflavodoxin ‎(2 revisions)
  37. First-principles studies of two-dimensional electron gases in complex oxides superlattices ‎(2 revisions)
  38. Clusters as building blocks in nanotechnology: fragmentation and self assembling ‎(2 revisions)
  39. Numerical simulations of massive separated flows: flow over a stalled NACA airfoil ‎(2 revisions)
  40. Direct Numerical Simulation of turbulent flows in bodies of revolution using unstructured meshes. Flow past a sphere ‎(2 revisions)
  41. Effects Of Energy Looses In Relativistic Jets ‎(2 revisions)
  42. Ab Initio Based Polarizable Force Fields Parameterization for Ion-Water Interactions ‎(2 revisions)
  43. Evaluation of ocean data assimilation model scheme in Alboran Sea area ‎(2 revisions)
  44. Study of Main Drug Targets: Enzymes ‎(2 revisions)
  45. Formation and stabilization of electropores in cell membranes: a Molecular Dynamics study ‎(2 revisions)
  46. DFT calculation of defects, electronic structure and reactivity in redox-active oxide catalysts ‎(2 revisions)
  47. 3D simulations of mixing in novae: the effect of the white dwarf composition and mass ‎(2 revisions)
  48. Prediction of interaction partners using protein docking ‎(2 revisions)
  49. Large Numerical Simulations For Dark-energy Surveys ‎(2 revisions)
  50. Electronic properties of the nanoscale interfaces based on the graphene and molybdenium monolayers. ‎(2 revisions)

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