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Key to the success of BSC-CNS are the many people of different backgrounds that work and collaborate with the Centre. These include contracted staff, visiting academics, students, and collaborators from other institutes and private industry, amongst others.

As at 31st December 2014, the core staff of BSC-CNS included 87 permanent positions, 196 staff dedicated to specific projects and 97 scholarship students. These numbers were significantly augmented by additional staff who participated in BSC-CNS via a number of programmes.

Total personnel who worked at BSC-CNS throughout the year increased from 464 during 2013 to 513 during 2014, mainly through new temporary and shared staff, resident students, and collaborating and visiting researchers.

Shared Staff and Human Resources Programmes

In addition to its own staff, BSC-CNS hosts shared staff from other public institutions such as the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Fundació Bosch i Gimera (UB), the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB) and the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas (CSIC). In 2014, BSC-CNS also welcomed high level scientific personnel from special human resources public programmes such as the Ramón y Cajal Programme, the ICREA Programme and other personnel training research programmes sponsored by various Spanish ministries.

The BSC-CNS Fellowship Program

The BSC-CNS Fellowship programme invites applicants from relevant scientific disciplines to participate in several European research projects and collaborations with international industry such as IBM and Microsoft. These fellowships are offered for periods of one year, renewable for the duration of the project. During 2014, BSC-CNS hosted 109 student researchers associated with several research projects.


Created in 2001, the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA) is a foundation supported by the Government of Catalonia and governed by a Board of Trustees. Its aim is to promote research in any field of knowledge, facilitating the consolidation of collective research and the retention of talented research staff within the Catalan university and research centre system. ICREA, through a selection process based on scientific talent, hires senior scientists from around the world to work in and cooperate with local universities and research centres. BSC-CNS was proud to host 6 ICREA professors during 2014.


The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) is the largest public institution dedicated to research in Spain and the third largest in Europe. Belonging to the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness through the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, its main objective is to develop and promote research that will help bring about scientific and technological progress, and it collaborates with Spanish and foreign entities in order to achieve this aim. BSC-CNS was proud to host 4 CSIC researchers during 2014.


The Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya · BarcelonaTech (UPC) is a public institution dedicated to higher education and research, specialised in the fields of engineering, architecture and science. As a leading member of international networks of excellence, the UPC has a privileged relationship with global scientific and educational organisations and therefore is well positioned for attracting international talent. UPC participates in the governing Board of BSC-CNS, and in 2014 assigned 17 researchers and professors to BSC-CNS.

BSC-CNS Governing Bodies

Members of the BSC-CNS Board of Trustees

Mª Luisa Poncela, Secretary General of Science, Technology and Innovation, MINECO.

Vice President:
Antoni Castellà, Secretary General for Universities and Research, DECO.

MINECO Representatives:
Mª Luisa Castaño, Director General for Innovation and Competitivity.

José Ignacio Doncel, Deputy Director General of Planning for Technological and Scientific Infrastructures.

DECO Representatives:

Josep Ma Martorell, Director General of Research.

Iolanda Font de Rubinat, Deputy Director General of Research.

UPC Representatives:
Enric Fossas, Rector.

Fernando Orejas, Vice Rector for Research Policy.

BSC-CNS Representatives:
Mateo Valero, Director.

Francesc Subirada, Associate Director.

Ernest Quingles, Manager.

Commission Secretaries:

Ramón Fernández Calvo, State lawyer.

Sue de Antonio Calvo, State lawyer.

Strong Governance
Overall governance of BSC-CNS is provided by the Board of Trustees, formed by members of the three institutions that are partners of BSC-CNS, and will be further supported by the Scientific and Business Advisory Boards (still in formation). Strategic direction is provided by the Executive Commission and this devolves to day-to-day management via the Management Board. Reporting to the Management Board are the various scientific and support departments.

Members of the BSC-CNS Executive Committee

Mª Luisa Castaño, Director General for Innovation and Competitivity, MINECO.

Vice President:
Josep Ma Martorell, Director General of Research, DECO.

Representatives MINECO:
José Ignacio Doncel, Deputy Director General of Planning for Technological and Scientific Infrastructures.

Representative DECO:
Iolanda Font de Rubinat, Deputy Director General of Research.

Representatives UPC:
Fernando Orejas, Vice Rector for Research Policy.

Francisco Vallverdú, Vice Rector for Universities Policy.

Representatives BSC-CNS:
Mateo Valero, Director.

Francesc Subirada, Associate Director.

Ernest Quingles, Manager.

Commission Secretaries:

Ramón Fernández Calvo, State lawyer.

Sue de Antonio Calvo, State lawyer.

Members of the Scientific Advisory Board

Prof. Dr. Achim Bachem
Chairman of the Board of Directors, Forschungszentrum Jülich.

Dr. Catherine Rivière
Présidente Directrice Générale, Grand Equipement National de Calcul Intensif, GENCI.

Dr. Horst D. Simon
Associate Laboratory Director for Computing Sciences, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Prof. Dr. Guy Brasseur
Senior Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Meteorology, Germany.

Prof. Jack Dongarra
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department, University of Tennessee.

Prof. Janet Thornton
Director European Bioinformatics Institute, United Kingdom.

Dr. Satoshi Matsuoka
Professor of the High Performance Computing Systems Group Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan.

Dr. Thomas Zacharia
Executive Vice President of Research & Development, Qatar Foundation.

Dr. Paul Messina
Director of Science, Argonne Leadership Computing Facility, USA.

Prof. Manuel Peitsch
Chairman of Board of Directors, Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics.

Prof. Leonard Barrie
Bolin Centre for Climate Research Stockholm University

Management Board

Management Board Chairman:
Mateo Valero, Director.

Management Board Vice-Chairman:
Francesc Subirada, Associate Director.

Jesús Labarta, Computer Sciences Director.

Eduard Ayguadé, Computer Sciences Associate Director.

José María Baldasano, Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes, Earth Sciences Directors.

Modesto Orozco, Life Sciences Director.

Sergi Girona, Operations Director.

José María Cela, Computer Applications in Science and Engineering Director.

Ernest Quingles, Management Director.

Access Committee

Core Team:

Julio Bravo, Agencia Nacional de Evaluación y Prospectiva.

Alfonso Tarancón, Universidad de Cantabria.

Joaquín Serrano, Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación.

Eduard Ayguadé, Barcelona Supercomputing Center-Centro Nacional de Supercomputación.

Biomedicine and Health Sciences Expert Panel:

Coordinator: Patrick Aloy, Institut de Recerca Biomèdica.

Assistant: Andrés Aguilera, Universidad de Sevilla.

Chemistry and Material Sciences Expert Panel:

Coordinator: Elvira Guardia, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

Assistant: Mariona Sodupe, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

Physics and Engineering Expert Panel:

Coordinator: Francisco Domínguez-Adame, Universidad Complutense de Madrid.

Assistant: Francisco Castejón, CIEMAT.

Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences Expert Panel:

Coordinator: Gustavo Yepes, Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Assistant: Ramón Carbonell, CSIC-Institute Earth Sciences "Jaume Almera".

RES Users Committee (CURES)

Physics and Engineering (FI) representatives:

Javier Jiménez Sendín, Fernando Martín García.

Chemistry and Material Sciences (QCTM) representatives:

Rubén Pérez, Núria López.

Biomedicine and Health Sciences (BCV) representatives:

Carme Rovira, Francisco Javier Luque.

Astronomy, Space and Earth Sciences (AECT) representatives:

Jordi Torra, Miguel Ángel Aloy.

BSC-CNS Staff and Collaborators during 2014

Directors Office

Director: Mateo Valero Cortés.

Associate Director: Francesc Subirada Curcó.

Director Assistant: Lourdes Cortada Agustí

Associate Director Assistant: Judith Camba Alvariño

Research Fellow: Jose Maria Baldasano Recio (UPC)

European Relations Senior Advisor: Fabrizio Gagliardi

Latin America Relations Coordinator: Ulises Cortés García (UPC)

Severo Ochoa Program Coordinator: Josep Casanovas (UPC)

Associate Researcher: Anna Ripoll Aracil

Associate Researcher: Fermín Sánchez Carracedo

Visiting Collaborator: Daniel Jiménez

Education & Training

Education & Academic Programmes Coordinator: Maria Ribera Sancho Samso (UPC)

RES Technical and Training Coordinator: Montserrat González Ferreiro

Professional HPC Training: Evguenia Stoilova Alexandrova

Visiting Collaborator: Darío Casaburi

Press & Protocol

Press and Protocol Relations Manager: Gemma Ribas Maspoch

Computer Sciences Department

Computer Sciences Director: Jesús Labarta Mancho.

Computer Sciences Associate Director: Eduard Ayguadé Parra.

Computer Sciences Director Assistant: Núria Sirvent Pardell

PhD Student: Dario García Gasulla

Accelerators for High Performance Computing

Accelerators for High Performance Computing Group Manager: Nacho Navarro

Junior Researcher: Javier Cabezas Rodríguez

PhD Student: Diego Marrón Vida

PhD Student: Ivan Tanasic

PhD Student: Marc Jorda Peroliu

PhD Student: Víctor García Flores (BECA UPC)

Master Student: Pau Farré González

Autonomic Systems and e-business Platforms

Autonomic Systems and e-Business Platforms Group Manager: Jordi Torres Viñals (UPC)

Senior Researcher: David Carrera Pérez (UPC)

Senior Researcher: Jordi Guitart Fernández (UPC)

Senior Researcher: Yolanda Becerra (UPC)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Jordà Polo Bardes

Postdoctoral Researcher: Josep Lluís Berral García

Postdoctoral Researcher: Mario Macías Lloret

Postdoctoral Researcher: Nicolás Poggi Mastrokalo

Junior Developer: Álvaro Villalba Navarro

Junior Developer: Cesare Cugnasco

Junior Developer: David Ortiz López

Junior Developer: Jordi Aranda Flores

Junior Developer: Josep Subirats Castell

Junior Developer: Juan Luis Pérez Rico

Junior Developer: Mauro Canuto

PhD Student: José Alejandro Cordero Rama (La Caixa)

PhD Student: Marcelo Carneiro do Amaral

PhD Student: Nesrine Khouzami

Associate Researcher: Jordi Nin Guerrero (UPC)

Associate Researcher: Rubén Tous Liesa (UPC)

Trainee Developer: Aaron Call Barreiro

Trainee Developer: Guillem Alomar Sitjes

Trainee Developer: Roger Hernández Domingo

Undergraduate Student: Josep Cugat Prieto

Visiting Collaborator: Daniel Cea

Computer Architecture / OS Interface (CAOS)

Computer Architecture / OS Interface (CAOS) Group Manager: Francisco Javier Cazorla Almeida (CSIC - UPC)

Senior Researcher: Eduardo Quiñones Moreno

Senior Researcher: Jaume Abella Ferrer

Postdoctoral Researcher: Carles Hernández Luz

Junior Developer: David Morales Sáez

Junior Developer: Mikel Fernández Oreja

PhD Student: Javier Jalle Ibarra

PhD Student: José Carlos Ruíz Luque

PhD Student: Leonidas Kosmidis (FPU-UPC)

PhD Student: Milos Panic (FPU-BSC)

PhD Student: Mladen Slijepcevic (La Caixa)

PhD Student: Phuong Tran Gia

PhD Student: Qixiao Liu

PhD Student: Roberto Vargas Caballero

Associate Researcher: Kamil Kedzierski

Master Student: David Prat Robles

Master Student: David Trilla Rodríguez

Master Student: Gabriel Fernández Díaz

Master Student: Maria Aston Serrano Gracía

Master Student: Suzana Milutinovic

Undergraduate Student: Francesc Gispert Sánchez

Visiting Collaborator: Calvin Bulla

Visiting Collaborator: Enrique Díaz

Visiting Collaborator: Jaume Espinosa

Computer Architecture / OS Interface (CAOS) - Runtime Aware Architectures

Senior Researcher: Marc Casas Guix (Beatriu Pinos)

Senior Researcher: Miquel Moretó Planas

Junior Developer: César Allande Álvarez

PhD Student: Dimitrios Chasapis (FPI-SO)

PhD Student: luc Jaulmes (FPU-BSC)

PhD Student: Paul Caheny

Master Student: Cristóbal Ortega Carrasco

Master Student: Iulian Brumar

Master Student: Vladimir Dimic

Undergraduate Student: Raúl Vidal Ortiz

Computer Architecture for Parallel Paradigms

Computer Architecture for Parallel Paradigms Group Manager: Adrián Cristal Kestelman (CSIC - UPC)

Computer Architecture for Parallel Paradigms Group Manager: Osman Unsal (RyC)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Adrià Armejach Sanosa

Postdoctoral Researcher: Ferad Hasanov Zyulkyarov

Postdoctoral Researcher: Georgios Passas

Postdoctoral Researcher: Nehir Sonmez

Postdoctoral Researcher: Óscar Palomar Pérez (UPC)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Santhosh Kumar Rethinagiri

Junior Developer: Francisco Javier Arias Moreno

PhD Student: Azam Seyedi

PhD Student: Behzad Salami

PhD Student: Daniel Nemirovsky

PhD Student: Gulay Yalcin

PhD Student: Ivan Ratkovic (FPU-UPC)

PhD Student: Milan Stanic (FI-BSC)

PhD Student: Milovan Duric

PhD Student: Nikola Markovic (FPI-UPC)

PhD Student: Omer Subasi (FI-UPC)

PhD Student: Oriol Arcas Abella

PhD Student: Srdjan Stipic

PhD Student: Tassadaq Hussain

PhD Student: Timothy Hayes (FPU-UPC)

PhD Student: Vasileios Karakostas (FPU)

PhD Student: Vesna Nowack

PhD Student: Vladimir Gajinov

Associate Researcher: José Ruben Titos

Visiting Collaborator: Abhari Morteza Biglari

Visiting Collaborator: Abraham Josafat Ruiz Ramírez

Visiting Collaborator: Cristóbal Ramírez

Visiting Collaborator: Eduardo Ramírez

Visiting Collaborator: Furkan Ayar

Visiting Collaborator: Gorker Alp Malazgirt

Visiting Collaborator: Hamzeh Ahangari

Visiting Collaborator: Rasha Faqeh

Visiting Collaborator: Sanketh Nalli

Visiting Collaborator: Serhat Gesoglu

Visiting Collaborator: Tatiana Martsinkevich

Extreme Computing

Extreme Computing Group Manager: Vassil Nikolov Alexandrov (ICREA)

Postdoctoral Fellow: Oscar Alejandro Esquivel Flores (CONACYT)

Visiting Collaborator: Dobromir Georgiev

Visiting Collaborator: Florian Urmetzer

Visiting Collaborator: Jean Michel Sellier

Visiting Collaborator: Qi zhi Quan

Visiting Collaborator: Sofiya Ivanovska

Visiting Collaborator: Tzvetan Tomov Ostromsky

Grid Computing and Clusters

Grid Computing Group Manager: Rosa Maria Badia Sala (CSIC - UPC)

Senior Researcher: Daniele Lezzi

Senior Researcher: Raúl Sirvent Pardell

Postdoctoral Fellow: Fredy Juárez Pérez (CONACYT)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Enric Tejedor

Postdoctoral Researcher: Pieter Bellens

Junior Researcher: Jorge Ejarque Artigas

Junior Researcher: José Maria Pérez Cáncer

Research Support Technician: Judit Planas Carbonell

Junior Developer: Carlos Díaz Suárez

Junior Developer: Kalliopi Chronaki

PhD Student: Francesc Lordan Gomis (FPI-UPC)

PhD Student: Jan Ciesko

PhD Student: Marta García Gasulla

PhD Student: Rahul Gayatri

PhD Student: Sicong Zhuang

PhD Student: Tomasz Patejko

PhD Student: Vinoth Krishnan Elangovan

Master Student: Cristian Ramon-Cortés Vilarrodona

Master Student: Pedro Benedicte Illescas

Trainee Developer: Javier Álvarez Cid-fuentes

Trainee Developer: Roger Rafanell Mas

Heterogeneous Architectures

Heterogeneous Architectures Group Manager: Álex Ramírez Bellido

Associate Researcher: Agustin Fernández Jiménez

Associate Researcher: Julio Ramón Beivide Palacio

Visiting Collaborator: Hyunsung Shin

Heterogeneous Architectures - Architecture Simulation Environments

Senior Researcher: Alejandro Rico Carro

Junior Developer: Francesc Martínez Palau

PhD Student: Nikola Rajovic

PhD Student: Thomas Grass (FI-UPC)

PhD Student: Ugljesa Milic (FPI-UPC)

Master Student: Constantino Gómez Crespo

Heterogeneous Architectures - Memory Technologies

Postdoctoral Researcher: Petar Radojkovic

PhD Student: Darko Zivanovic

PhD Student: Kazi Asifuzzaman

PhD Student: Milan Pavlovic

PhD Student: Milan Radulovic

Heterogeneous Architectures - Microserver Architectures & System Software

Senior Researcher: Paul Matthew Carpenter

Junior Developer: Vishal Mehta

PhD Student: Branimir Dickov

PhD Student: Karthikeyan Palavedu Saravanan (FI)

PhD Student: Luis Ángel Garrido Platero

PhD Student: Renan Fischer e Silva

Heterogeneous Architectures - Mobile and Embedded-Based HPC

Postdoctoral Researcher: Filippo Mantovani

Undergraduate Student: Alice Valentini

Undergraduate Student: Daniel Ruiz Muñoz

Undergraduate Student: Josep Oriol Vilarrubí Barri

Undergraduate Student: Luna Backes Drault

Performance Tools

Performance Tools Group Manager: Judit Giménez Lucas (UPC)

Senior Researcher: José Carlos Sancho Pitarch (RyC)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Claudia Andreina Rosas Mendoza

Postdoctoral Researcher: Estanislao Mercadal Melia

Postdoctoral Researcher: Steluta Iordache

Postdoctoral Researcher: Vladimir Subotic

Junior Researcher: Francesc Xavier Pegenaute Bresme

Junior Researcher: German Llort Sánchez

Junior Researcher: Harald Servat Gelabert

Junior Researcher: Hugo Daniel Meyer

Junior Researcher: Juan González García

Junior Developer: Eloy Martínez Hortelano

Junior Developer: Laura Auton García

Junior Developer: Pedro Antonio González Navarro

PhD Student: Ana Jokanovic

Master Student: Arturo San Emeterio Campos

Undergraduate Student: Alejandro Velasco Jiménez

Visiting Collaborator: Hans Christian Hoppe

Programming Models

Programming Models Group Manager: Xavier Martorell Bofill (UPC)

Senior Researcher: Isaac Juan Rudomin

Senior Researcher: Vicenç Beltran Querol

Postdoctoral Fellow: Benjamín Hernández Arreguin (CONACYT)

Senior Developer: Julián David Morillo Pozo

Junior Researcher: Javier Teruel García

Junior Researcher: Roger Ferrer Ibáñez

Junior Developer: Bence Kodaj

PhD Student: Alejandro Fernández Suárez

PhD Student: Antonio Filgueras Izquierdo

PhD Student: Diego Caballero de Gea (FI)

PhD Student: Diego Nieto Muñoz

PhD Student: Fahimed Yazdanpanah Ahmada

PhD Student: Guray Ozen

PhD Student: Javier Bueno Hedo

PhD Student: Lluc Álvarez Martí

PhD Student: Lluís Vilanova García

PhD Student: Rajiv Nishtala

PhD Student: Sara Royuela

PhD Student: Vasileios Koutsoumpos

PhD Student: Víctor Hugo Pérez Váldez (CONACYT)

PhD Student: Xubin Tan

Associate Researcher: Carlos Álvarez

Associate Researcher: Daniel Jiménez

Associate Researcher: Guillermo Miranda

Associate Researcher: Julita Corbalán González

Associate Researcher: Marc González Tallada

Associate Researcher: Marisa Gil

Associate Researcher: Montserrat Farreras

Master Student: Albert Segura

Trainee Developer: Florentino Sainz Manteca

Trainee Developer: Jorge Bellón Castro

Trainee Developer: Marçal Solà Vélez

Trainee Developer: Sergi Mateo Bellido

Trainee Developer: Víctor López Herrero

Undergraduate Student: David Guillen Huerga

Undergraduate Student: Marcos del Amo

Undergraduate Student: Marcos Maroñas Bravo

Visiting Collaborator: Robert Briggs

Visiting Collaborator: Robert Eduard Strzodka

Visiting Collaborator: Yale Patt

Storage Systems

Storage Systems Group Manager: Antonio Cortés Rosselló (UPC)

Senior Researcher: Anna Queralt Calafat

Senior Researcher: Ramón Nou Castell

Junior Researcher: Alberto Miranda Bueno

Junior Researcher: Ernest Artiaga Amouroux

Junior Researcher: Jonathan Martí Fraiz

Junior Researcher: Juan José Costa Prats

Trainee Developer: Alex Barceló Cuerda

Trainee Developer: Daniel Gasull Moreira

Visiting Collaborator: Christos Filippidis

Visiting Collaborator: Luis Carlos Erpen de Dona

Visiting Collaborator: Pablo Andrés

Visiting Collaborator: Pablo Pessolani

Unconventional Computer Architecture and Networks

Unconventional Computer Architecture and Networks Group Manager: Mario Nemirovsky (ICREA)

Postdoctoral Fellow: Alexandro Castellanos Mier (CONACYT)

PhD Student: Damian Roca Marí (La Caixa)

PhD Student: Francesco Ciaccia

Earth Sciences Department

Earth Sciences Director: Jose María Baldasano Recio,
Francisco J. Doblas-Reyes

Visiting Collaborator: Julian Jaramillo

Air Quality

Earth Sciences Associate Director: Santiago Gassó Domingo

Senior Researcher: Antonios Gkikas

Senior Researcher: Gustavo Arévalo Roa

Postdoctoral Fellow: Sergio Natan González Rocha (CONACYT)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Maria Teresa Pay (Beatriu Pinos)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Valentina Sicardi

Research Support Coordinator Technician: Kim Serradell Maronda

Junior Researcher: Marc Guevara Vilardell

Research Support Technician: Albert Soret Miravet

Research Support Technician: David Carrió Díaz

Junior Developer: Miguel Castrillo Melguizo

PhD Student: Alba Badia i Moragas

PhD Student: Lluís Vendrell Miguel (La Caixa)

PhD Student: Lola Guerreiro Pérez

PhD Student: Lorenzo Fileni

PhD Student: Víctor Manuel Valverde Morales

Master Student: José Suárez Repiso

Visiting Collaborator: Ioannis Binietoglou

Visiting Collaborator: Neamah Al-Datla

Visiting Collaborator: Sama K. Mohammed Aldabbagh

Atmospheric Modelling

Atmospheric Modelling Group Manager: Oriol Jorba Casellas

Postdoctoral Researcher: Enza di Tomaso

Senior Developer: Georgios Markomanolis

PhD Student: Michele Spada

PhD Student: Vincenzo Obiso (FPI-SO)

Visiting Collaborator: Joana Raquel Alves Antunes

Climate Change

Associate Researcher: Maria Gonçalves

Climate Modelling

Visiting Collaborator: Vicente Pastor

Mineral Dust

Postdoctoral Researcher: Sara Basart Alpuente

Research Support Technician: Francesco Benincasa

Associate Researcher: Carlos Pérez García-Pando

Associate Researcher: Enric Terradellas

Life Sciences Department

Life Science Director: Modesto Orozco López (Fundació Bosch Gimpera)

Computational Genomics

Computational Genomics Group Manager: David Torrents Arenales (ICREA)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Josep Maria Mercader

Research Support Technician: Ana Milovanovic

Research Support Technician: Friman Sánchez Castaño

Research Support Technician: Montserrat Puiggros Maldonado

Research Support Technician: Valenti Moncunill González

PhD Student: Bernardo Rodríguez Martín (La Caixa)

PhD Student: Marta Guindo Martínez

PhD Student: Marta Munar Ortiz

PhD Student: Mercè Planas Fèlix (La Caixa)

PhD Student: Santiago González Rosado

PhD Student: Sílvia Bonàs Guarch (FI)

Master Student: Elias Rodríguez Fos

Visiting Collaborator: Jordi Deus Pons

Visiting Collaborator: Jordi Valls Margarit

Electronic and Atomic Protein Modelling

Electronic and Atomic Protein Modelling Group Manager: Víctor Guallar Tasies (ICREA)

Senior Researcher: Armin Madadkar Sobhani

Postdoctoral Researcher: Maria de Fatima Assunçao Lucas

Postdoctoral Researcher: Martin Ivanov Kotev

Postdoctoral Researcher: Ryoji Takahashi

Research Support Technician: Manuel Augusto Rivero González

Research Support Technician: Pedro Riera Martorell

Junior Developer: Jorge Estrada Collado

Junior Developer: Suwipa Saen Oon

PhD Student: Daniel Lecina Casas (FPI)

PhD Student: Emanuele Monza (FI)

PhD Student: Israel Cabeza de Vaca López

PhD Student: Pedro Hermosilla Casajus

PhD Student: Sandra Acebes Serrano (FPI)

PhD Student: Seyed Ali Hoseini

PhD Student: Victor Gil Sepúlveda

Visiting Collaborator: Antonella di Pizzio

Visiting Collaborator: Cristopher Grebner

Visiting Collaborator: Ferrán Sancho Jodar

Visiting Collaborator: Gudrun Gygli

Visiting Collaborator: James Valdés

Visiting Collaborator: Marc Noguera Julián

Visiting Collaborator: Marina Canellas

INB-Computational Node 2

INB - Computational Group Manager: Josep Gelpí (Fundació Bosch Gimpera)

Research Support Technician: Dmitry Reptchevski

Research Support Technician: Laia Codó Tarraubella

Research Support Technician: Pau Andrio Balado

Research Support Technician: Romina Royo Garrido

PhD Student: Víctor López Ferrando (LA CAIXA)

Molecular Modelling and Bioinformatics

Senior Researcher: Josep Ramón Goñi Macia (PTA)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Robert Soliva

Research Support Technician: Carles Fenollosa

Research Support Technician: Jorge Cortés de la Fuente

Research Support Technician: Nuria Villegas Forn

Junior Developer: Ivan Navarro Parreño

Master Student: Gerard Santiago Morcillo

Associate Research Student: Alexandra Emilia Balaceanu

Associate Research Student: Diana Camila Buitrago

Undergraduate Student: Cristian García Montilla

Undergraduate Student: Ricard Illa

Protein Interactions and Docking

Protein Interactions and Docking Group Manager: Juan Fernández Recio (I3 - RyC)

Postdoctoral Fellow: Sergio Mares Samano (CONACYT)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Iain Moal (Marie Curie)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Santiago Esteban martin

Postdoctoral Researcher: Lucía Díaz Bueno

PhD Student: Brian Jiménez García (FPI)

PhD Student: Chiara Pallara

PhD Student: Didier Barradas (CONACYT)

PhD Student: Miguel Romero Durana

PhD Student: Mireia Rosell Oliveras (FPI-SO)

Visiting Collaborator: Justas Capkunas

Visiting Collaborator: Luis Ángel Rodríguez

Computer Applications in Science & Engineering Department

Computer Applications in Science and Engineering Director: José María Cela Espín (UPC)

CASE Director Assistant: Beatriz López Gómez

CASE Director Assistant: Laura Gutiérrez Salamero

Senior Developer: Georg Huhs

Junior Developer: Luis Beltrán Súcar Segarra

Associate Research Student: Cristina Montanola

Data Pre&Post Processing

Data Pre&Post Processing Group Manager: Fernando Martin Cucchietti

Postdoctoral Researcher: Mohammad Jowkar

Visualisation Technician: Guillermo Marín Getino

Junior Developer: Abel Gargallo Peiro

Junior Developer: David García Povedano

Junior Developer: Luz Calvo Flores

Visiting Collaborator: Diana Fernanda Vélez

Visiting Collaborator: Diana Vélez García

Visiting Collaborator: Juan Carlos Nava

Environmental Simulations

Environmental Simulations Group Manager: Arnau Folch Duran (RyC)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Ángel Coppola Owen

Postdoctoral Researcher: Matías Oscar Ávila Salinas

Junior Researcher: Raúl de la Cruz Martínez

Junior Developer: Oddur Oskar Kjartansson

PhD Student: Alejandro Martí Donati (Marie Curie)

PhD Student: Chiara Scaini

PhD Student: Georgios Chrysokentis (FPI)

PhD Student: Jordi Barcons Roca

Visiting Collaborator: Deepak Garg

Visiting Collaborator: Francisco Javier Delgado Vences


Senior Researcher: Mervi Johanna Mantsinen (ICREA)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Shimpei Futatani

Junior Researcher: Xavier Sáez Pous

Master Student: Daniel Gallart Escola

Geosciences Applications

Geosciences Applications Group Manager: Josep de la Puente Álvarez

Senior Researcher: Jean Antoine Kormann

Senior Researcher: Volodymyr Puzyrov

Junior Researcher: Yevgeniy Gruver

Junior Developer: Miguel Ferrer Ávila

High Performance Computational Mechanics

High Performance Computational Mechanics Group Manager: Mariano Vázquez (CSIC - UPC)

Senior Researcher: Mohammad Kouhi

Postdoctoral Researcher: Daniel Mira Martínez

Postdoctoral Researcher: Jazmin Aguado Sierra

Senior Developer: Rogeli Grima Torres

PhD Student: Alfonso Santiago

PhD Student: Margarida Moragues Ginard

PhD Student: Mariña López Yunta (FPI-SO)

PhD Student: Matías Ignacio Rivero (FPI)

PhD Student: Miguel Zavala Ake (Marie Curie)

PhD Student: Ruth Aris Sánchez

Undergraduate Student: Gabriel Bernardino Pérez

Visiting Collaborator: Mónica Zoppè

Visiting Collaborator: Xavier de Bergua Domingo

HPC Software Engineering

HPC Software Engineering Group Manager: Mauricio Hanzich

Senior Developer: Albert Farrés Coma

Junior Researcher: Fèlix Rubio Dalmau

Junior Developer: Juan Esteban Rodríguez Rodríguez

Junior Developer: Natalia Gutiérrez Navarro

Junior Developer: Samuel Rodríguez Bernabéu

Physical and Numerical Modelling

Physical and Numerical Modelling Group Manager: Guillaume Houzeaux (I3)

Postdoctoral Fellow: Juan Carlos Cajas García (CONACYT)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Alberto Gambaruto (Marie Curie)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Beatriz Eguzkitza

Postdoctoral Researcher: Eva Casoni Rero

Senior Developer: Antoni Artigues Barceló

Junior Developer: Cadrien Calmet

Junior Developer: Genis Aguilar López

PhD Student: Cristóbal Augusto Samaniego

PhD Student: Edgar Olivares Mañas (La Caixa)

PhD Student: Paula Córdoba Pañella

Visiting Collaborator: Benjamin Uekermann

Visiting Collaborator: Benoit Ozell

Visiting Collaborator: Florencia Reckziegel

Visiting Collaborator: Raul Cetto

Visiting Collaborator: Ruslan Gabbasov

Smarter City Initiative

Senior Researcher: Jorge García Vidal (UPC)

Postdoctoral Researcher: Maria Cristina Marinescu

Senior Developer: Mónica Marrero Llinares

Junior Developer: Sergio Mendoza Fariña

Social Simulation

Postdoctoral Researcher: Xavier Rubio Campillo

Postdoctoral Researcher: Jean Marc Montanier

Junior Developer: Guillem Laborda Cabo

Junior Developer: Jorge Caro Saiz

PhD Student: Alexis Torrano Martínez

Operations Department

Operations Director: Sergi Girona.

Operations Director Assistant: Núria Saavedra Hernández.

Facility Management

Facility Management Consultant: Ramón Pallisa

Maintenance Technician: Albert Riera Muñoz

Maintenance Technician: Miguel Armenta Sánchez

System Administration

Systems Group Manager: Javier Bartolomé Rodríguez

IT Security & Networks Engineer: Marcel Malet Abuli

Network Technician: Albert Benet Vila

Performance Technician: Alejandro Lucero Palau

Performance Technician: Alejandro Sánchez Graells

Performance Technician: Carles Fenoy García

System Administrator: Felip Moll Marques

System Administrator: Aníbal Moreno Gil

System Administrator: David Ocaña Labrador

System Administrator: Jordi Valls Pérez

System Administrator: Marc López de Mantaras

System Administrator: Sergi Moré Codina

Helpdesk Technician: Antonio Espinar Sallares

Helpdesk Technician: Ferran Sellés Mompart

Helpdesk Technician: Pedro Gómez Bretones

Visiting Collaborator: Alejandro Flores Méndez

Visiting Collaborator: Daniel Ortiz Gutiérrez

User Support

User Support Group Manager: David Vicente Dorca

First Level User Support: Borja Arias Navarro

First Level User Support: Miguel Bernabéu Díaz

PRACE Support: Janko Strassburg

Support Applications Consultant: Christian Simarro

Support Applications Consultant: Jorge Rodríguez Rey

Support Applications Consultant: Pablo Ródenas Barquero

Visualisation Technician: Carlos Tripiana Montes

Web Graphical Designer: Jasmina Tomic

Web Graphical Designer: Laura Bermúdez Guerrero

Webmaster: Silvina Rusinek Milner

Management Department

Management Director: Ernest Quingles.


General Assistant: Aurora Rodríguez Velasco

General Assistant: Lisandra Souza do Nascimiento

Purchasing Officer: Cristina Vargas Cambilhon

Support Purchasing Officer: Neus Jiménez Ferrer

Receptionist: Carola Torra Miró

Business Administration

Administration, Finances and Human Resources Group Manager: Mercè Calvet Gómez.


Communications Officer: Estefanía de la Torre

Communications Officer: Eva Alloza Anguiano

Communications Officer: Maria José Barroso Sáez

Communications Officer: Sara Ibáñez Lecinena

Marketing Officer: Nuria Masdeu Font

Marketing Officer: Renata Giménez Binder

Dissemination Project Officer: Madeleine Gray

Dissemination Project Officer: Nagham Salman

Finance and Accounting

Accounting Manager: Cristina Calonge Cortés

Economic Management Project Technical Support: Laia Traveset Solé

Economic Management Project Technical Support: Laura Viñas Alcoz

Support Accounting Technician: Alba Delclos Miret

Support Accounting Technician: Irene Belda Jañez

Support Accounting Technician: Judit Soldevila García

Human Resources

Head of Human Resources: Marc González Vidal

HR Officer: Anna Martín Balbuena

HR Officer: Georgina Reig Mestres

HR Officer: Julio Gómez Navarro

HR Officer: Lara Cejudo García

HR Junior Officer: Carla Santamaria Giménez

Information Systems & Services

Information System Developer: Sergi Carrere Bach

Information System Developer: Toni Matas Figueras

Projects and Technology Transfer

Business Development Group Manager: Eugene Griffiths

Technology Transfer Manager : Anna Escoda Sabater

Project Manager: Emma Torrella Amador

Project Manager: Francesca Arcara

Project Manager: Guadalupe Moreno Beltran

Project Manager: Marina Azor Alastuey

Project Manager: Marta Rosselló Vallés

Project Manager: Pilar Callau Uson

Project Manager: Xavier Salazar Forn

Strategy Support

Strategic Projects Senior Coordinator: Gina Michelle Alioto

Business Analyst: Marcin Ostasz

PRACE Project Manager: Carlos David Mérida Campos

PRACE Project Manager: Oriol Pineda Martínez

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